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Eddie Guerrero’s daughters not receiving WWE merch royalties bothers Chavo Guerrero

Chavo Guerrero bothered by Eddie Guerrero’s daughters not receiving WWE merch royalties.



Merchandise money can be very lucrative to a wrestler, with legacy acts such as the NWO and Steve Austin still selling merchandise by the bucketload.

One celebrated name from WWE’s past who is still a merchandise mover is Eddie Guerrero, with the late WWE Champion’s likeness still found on apparel, action figures, and in video games to this day. However, it seems that Guerrero’s daughters don’t receive payments on behalf of their late father, a fact that bothers Eddie’s nephew Chavo Guerrero:

“[It bothers me] When Eddie’s daughters aren’t reaping the benefits, yes. To me, I’m always looking – and if anybody should be making money off of Eddie Guerrero, it should be Eddie’s daughters,” said Chavo to Chris Van Vliet.

Chavo was seemingly exasperated that Eddie’s name has helped Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley make money and move merchandise (the ‘I’m Your Mami’ tee a homage to Eddie’s infamous ‘I’m Your Papi’ tee), with Chavo revealing to Van Vliet that discussions with Guerrero’s daughters leads him to believe they are missing out on money:

“That’s their dad, they shouldn’t have to worry about that. That should be in his will, his persona, his name, and his likeness should be to them. Just like Elvis Presley, it first went to Priscilla, but his granddaughter – who was in that when did the TV show right, Riley? – she owns Graceland now. She had to fight Priscilla for it for a little bit from what I understand. But she owns that. It’s the daughter’s, you know, and then after her mom died, after Lisa Marie died it went to her. But Lisa Marie had owned that Graceland stuff.

“So Eddie’s daughters don’t have that and that upsets me a little bit. I mean, anybody, right? It should have gone to the daughters for sure. So that’s maybe something we hopefully can change in the future. I really would wish that for them because not for me. I don’t need to, I got my own thing. Yeah, let them make the money off of their father,” said Guerrero.